About Me

Just a girl from Baltimore, MD trying to help her inner child. I wasn't encouraged to dabble in the arts growing up until I got to high school where I found my love for Poetry. Now at 25, I am a new artist finally getting into other forms of art. I am allowing myself to venture out and try different things regardless of the time lost. 


I am also a black woman that deals with Depression, Anxiety, and ADD. Art has allowed me to express myself in ways that I never thought I would be able to, but also with creating content I have become more anxious about what to do with all these ideas I have.


With this creative space, I hope that I am able to process my thoughts because I have so many ideas. I thought it would be cool to have people see my journey. I hope to motivate someone or help someone process their own thoughts, even if it doesn’t do either I’m glad I can share my progress with others.