• Natasha A

Artistic process

So tracing and outlining helped me find inspiration to start drawing.

I started with this print out and I outlined the picture. I had to make sure that I pressed down hard so that the outline would transfer.

After outlining the picture I flipped it over onto the black side started shading the area. I could’ve just shaded over the area where I outlined but I didn’t think about that. I used a canvas because I wanted to eventually paint the picture.

Then I went over the outline again to make it darker.

Going over the outline helped me to get into drawing, when I outlined the picture again I critiqued the outline a bit to make the Afro look more “natural”.

This art journey has really been great but it’s stressing me out a bit too. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’m just rolling with the punches. I haven’t painted that picture yet but I traced another picture and painted it.

I think she need a little bit of color on her cheeks, I’m just s nervous about messing her up because I’ve already went over some of her areas that I felt like I needed to do over.

I’m just taking a mini break so I can focus on finishing up school, but when I’m done I’m going full speed ahead.

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