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Bingeing YouTube vids

So I have been obsessed with Kelly Stamps: A black YouTuber that gives me life with her Daria sense of personality. She is younger than me but I aspire to be as cool as her, moving to different states and having confidence out the 🍑🍑. While I was letting her videos play in the background as I try to get my life together (because views are impotent and I also make sure I like them, can't forget that.), this video of hers that I have been waning to watch came on. She is serious about her minimalism and I've looked into it a couple times but to smacked me.

6:40 - 6:51 was a huge eye opener. I'll be 25 this year and this quarter life crisis this is crushing me, but watching just the beginning helped me realize that all the stuff that i'm putting myself into is making me have these random monthly anxiety attacks. It's literally like my mind is like "Bitch, you still holding on to this crap? Let it go".

This is the comment that I wanted to leave, but I resorted to a "Thank you Ms. Stamps. I needed this."

I am literally about to go upstairs and raid through all of my clothes. I'm definitely putting them on Mercari though because I need to make some Monies off of my nonsense.

I know this rant isn't art related but I just thought I'd get this off of my chest before I overflow with all the feels and have another anxiety attack 😬

I hope everybody has a great weekend as mine has started today. Be Safe and always remember

Black Lives Matter!!!!

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