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So since I was released from working a job I didn’t want to work at anymore, I have been thinking a lot about working for myself. Yes, the last sentence in my last blog said I would be an Entrepreneur this year and I’m not denying that, but I have learned that having multiple stream of income along the way helps a whole lot.

I know the top freelance job I can do is fix computers and printers. I’m a tech girl regardless of what I do in my lifetime and I am learning that if I have a passion for something and I would do it for free, then I should have no problem getting income flowing in from it.

So One: Pc Repair

The next thing I have been thinking about is writing. I know that I have to push myself to update my blogs, but at times I get stumped with not knowing what to write about. If I write anything that lands in the creative writing realm I will be fine. I used to write poetry in high school, took creative writing in college, and have been doing a little film writing. I know that I am highly capable, so I’m going to work on that. Plus, this blog space is like my resume (I might need to go back and revise some of these post 😬)

Two: Writing

Last but not least, y’a girl has been doing a little bit of graphic designing (on canva) and video editing (for my ever growing YouTube channel *sarcasm*). These new found hobbies are highly rewarding. When I make new designs, I get so excited. I love to see my personal touch on designs that I come up with, even if they are subtle details. I’m learning how color palettes are really important when it comes to making multiple designs for one brand. The color scheme needs to flow. I‘m taking classes on skillshare so that I can continue to build my knowledge. Also I this for my YouTube intro:

I freaking love it. So 🤷🏽‍♀️ Why not pursue helping other people with dope edits?

Last: Graphic Design & Video editing

Now that I have my lists, I need to do a tad bit of research on how to market myself and what platforms would work best for me. I’m not the best at selling myself but I’m going to learn in order to make this money, Honey!

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