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So I started a business

Soul Bae Co. By Natasha Soul

I have wanted to start a business and build a brand for a while and now I am finally working on it.

I took a course on skillshare earlier this week and one of the projects we had to do was write down some anti-visions. Anti-visions are the complete opposite of what you want to happen in the next few years. These are outcomes that you want to avoid at all costs. I wrote down seven:

  • No New Friends/support system

  • No business/ funds for business

  • No new products

  • Stuck mentally

  • Unemployed/ Working at a job I hate/ Not working for myself fulltime

  • Eating unhealthy everyday

  • No savings

Thinking about not having my own business is very depressing. I already feel like I waited t0o long to actually start one but not having a business of my own at all is a huge no.

I advise all budding entrepreneurs to make an anti-vision list and then with each one write what you can do so that anti-vision doesn't happen. So to counteract not having a business and not having any funds for my business, I need to start saving and making a business plan. I don't have a full-fledged business plan like other entrepreneurs but I am adding to it every day so that I know what direction I'm heading in before I officially launch. With saving, I have stopped spending money so quickly on things I do not need and I am also doing small jobs just to make sure I have an extra source of income.

Before I turn 26, I want to be successful with this business, successful enough to just work for myself and have some other ways of passive income. My brand will be a part of me and although it has brought me stress in the past, now that I know what I want to do with it and where it could possibly take me, I feel like I'm on the right path.

If you are a future entrepreneur or someone that has helped others build their businesses but don't know where to start on your own, just know that with a little planning and support anything is possible. If you need someone to talk to just hmu on Instagram @natashasoul_

or email me at tiapoet930@gmail.com. I am always here to encourage and motivate others.

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