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Me and My Personals

(This blog post was supposed to come last week, I'm messing up already. Forgive me yall)

So I have nothing but time now. I am off of work until the new year. I have so much listed to do like my blog, paint, edit my video that I never released on YouTube, and just write/create content in general.

I feel like I am going to overwhelm myself as I did during prime COVID times earlier this year (because we’re still in the prime just a different season). I had so many ideas and felt like I didn’t have enough time and when I finally tried to sit down, relax, and process all of my thoughts, I would have an anxiety attack.

Trying to slow down my thoughts and feeling like I’ve wasted so much precious time just got to me. I would have to go for a walk, sit outside and feel the air (grounding in a sense), and just release the frustration and anxiety that I felt.

I don’t want to deal with that again but I know I have talents that will waste away if I don’t put them into action. So starting with this blog, I am going to learn how to be consistent and not let myself down. Sometimes slow and steady will win the race and sometimes I’ll be amped up, but I have to allow myself to roll with the punches and remember that I am human and I will need to rest and recharge.

I hope everyone takes a moment, each and every day, to evaluate their thoughts and emotions and grow. We all have so much to offer and if you are still trying to find that out take your time. We aren’t all in the same circumstances, but we all have the choice to change them to best fit our needs. Even if it is in small ways now, combined they will be lead to a better you.

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