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Missing Animal Crossing

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

I have recently tried to start playing Animal Crossing again and I cannot get past the morning announcements. During the initial part of the quarantine, I played nonstop. I even hopped on Discord and joined a server that is dedicated to black girl gamers. I made friends in the real world and in my virtual reality. About a month after playing, I started to get into more artistic things with the hopes of discovering and growing an artist/creative of some sort within myself. I basically abandoned Gotham (my island’s name) and all my villagers that I had grown to like so much. I slowly decreased my time on Discord to the point of just abandoning that too. Yesterday I got on Discord and it felt so nice to talk to them again, even the new girls. It felt like home ☺️ , but I just can’t get myself to play Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing couldn’t have came out at a better time. I was lonely and needed something to stop me from deep diving into my own thoughts. I had little friends that felt so real, but once life got a little bit normal (going back to work 😣) I left them behind. They were my friends when I had none (and I barely have any tbh). I guess I’m just trying to express my gratitude towards my animal friends. My brain has been all over the place and that was my calm place. This might sound weird but I need another stay at home order so I don’t have anything extra on my mind. I can’t concentrate with so much coming back into my life plus the extra stuff I want to do.

I miss you Gotham.😭

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