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Such a newb

(Stepping into the anime realm)

So I am the type of girl that says she loves anime but has only really consistently watched maybe two, three if we’re counting Pokémon. When I was a book nerd (oh how I miss those days) I received a recommendation to read full metal alchemist from a friend in middle school. I LOVED IT. I could not put it down or get the next one fast enough. As technology has advanced and my brain has gotten slower (we all have gotten to this stage don’t judge me) I realized that it’s easier for me to binge on shows than binge on books. So I think it would be cool to start a mini-series on my anime adventure. The anime newb, from a young adult perspective. Avatar and Legend of Kora will be on this list. I know it’s American but it’s so good. I think I will start with Naruto. I have already started so I will be going back to the beginning to really pay attention. Literally, I’m at the point when Sasuke leaves The Hidden Leaf Village. I’m not in too deep but I’m pretty deep and the really sad part is that I know some of my favorite characters die and I haven’t even gotten to those parts, but rewatching will be worth it. I hope you enjoy my nonsense and point of view.

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