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Such a newb: Cowboy Bebop

Bell Peppers and Beef......with no beef ( I honestly don't know how to write reviews so bear with me)

I heard about Cowboy Bebop before but never got around to watching it. I listened to a podcast called Animeshun where they give a synopsis of animes and talk about the favorite and not-so-favorite parts, and that's what really pulled me in. Watching the first episode of this show, I can tell that I wouldn't watch this just because I saw it pop up on my recommended shows lists. This show is very futuristic but with an old design.

I love the intro music, I don't know what it is but it pumps me up to see the show. I have a secret love for Jazz and I have had a love for it ever since I was little. The music throughout the show pulls me in as well, it really fits the futuristic theme.

Cowboy Bebop is centered around two bounty hunters, Jet and Spike. They have a hard time actually getting the bounties though. From the first episode, it makes sense that every time they think they are close to getting their criminal they are actually very far from achieving their goal.

By the second episode, they find an adorable Corgi and name him Ein while looking for Abdul Hakim, one of their bounties. This also seems like a theme, adding people to their bounty hunter team. Faye adds herself to their team in episode four when they are attempting to receive a bounty for a woman and her sea animal squad.

I can't even lie the outro music starts to become my jam after the fourth episode too. I honeslty don't know what it is, but i'm really enjoying it.

So I only watched five episodes and I can tell that it will only get more intense. The fifth episode brings in Spike's enemy that caused his "death" a while ago. He had a face off with one of his supposed comrades and it didnt go well. Spike ends up falling out of a window of a church and being rescued by some lady in a flashback, when he comes to, we see its actually Faye taking care of him.

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