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Updated: Feb 23

As a creative (w/adhd) my brain never stops. I have so many ideas, I know that I have worked on maybe 30% of them. I already uploaded my first video on youtube last year, but ever since then, I have been stuck. One, because one of my videos that I started working on is stuck in the cloud and I cannot access it, Two, I haven't had any other video ideas, BUT lately, I have seen some things that sparked some ideas and I'm excited


I'll do this thing where I have whole conversations with myself but without looking you would think it’s between two different people. I know that sounds like I’m a tad bit crazy (I deal with a bunch of things so I have a little bit of psychosis going on up there). I think I’m going to make most of my videos like this. This will help get me more into film making and I have been wanting to work on that for a while. I love the thought of writing and directing, but editing these damn videos is tiring (it wouldn't be that bad if I edited videos on my laptop, but I record from my phone so it's easier to do it from there). I'm going to start recording on my Canon Rebel once I figure out what I am doing.


The space on my phone can only handle but so much but I love how my timelapse videos come out. Planning these videos also make me create more, which I need to do often anyway. I have an external hard drive so I'll get it together. Also, I want to start streaming on twitch so I need two setups so that I can do a timelapse and just save the stream for a later youtube upload. Anyway, I love the music I put on my timelapse, and the fact that I don't have to talk over them every time is great.


My video ideas will grow as I continue to build my business. I will probably start vlogging my little packing activities and buying my business items. I might also do a video on how niches will really trip you up if you are still learning who you are and that's some deep stuff. The whole niche aspect is one of the reasons it takes me a while to make blog posts and publish them. It's important but so much pressure.

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