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When it’s time to let go/Hair

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Sooo I cut my hair again, but I didn’t get it cut by someone, I did it myself with the verbal guidance of Bae.


1. Quarantime (yes, quarantime)

It is the best time to do things you usually wouldn’t do. You aren’t worried about time or if you will look ridiculous because you’re stuck in the house. (I know we aren’t in the stay at home era anymore, but people are still having to quarantine after traveling and stuff so 🤷🏽‍♀️)

2. My depression and anxiety.

When dealing with my mental health, I have to get a grasp on things. When both my depression and anxiety are having a party in my brain I feel like I lack control in my life. I know that I can’t control everything and the things I used to do to feel in control were not healthy, so I just cut my hair. I can’t control the growth but I can control the style.


I literally feel lighter 😆. My hair is in a healthy state. I discovered my true curl pattern (sorry 4c community for wrongly classifying my hair). It’s actually 4b, which I am glad I found out because now I can give my hair what it really needs. Not going to gloat about it, but it does feel soft (not because of texture class but because my hair is finally chilling for once lol. It’s short and Bae could see my curls and coils. I’m just really excited because I feel super confident and I will probably take some more off in due time. 😜

I wish I had the mindset of some type of release. Invisioning all of the problem that I think I have, all of my stress, all of my debt (ha wish it was that easy) as my hair and as I cut my hair just allow myself to let go of the unnecessary things.

Cut the ends, do not hold on to the damage because it will just continuously cause more pain and suffering. That’s goes for hair and life in general. -Me
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