• Natasha A

When they let you go

So my job let me go, right before my 90th day.

Right now I can’t do anything but laugh. It’s funny because I intuitively felt like it would happen after coming back from my surgery, and it did. At first I was mad and cried, came home and cried some more. Watched tv with bae and cried some more, but all the while I was applying to jobs.

I knew this job wasn’t for me and I asked the universe to remove anything that didn’t serve me at the end of 2020. Jan. 4th I was let go. I appreciate knowing that what I asked for was heard loud and clear. This only helps me know that if I put my mind to it, it will come to me.

I’m also not upset anymore because I honestly don’t want to work for a job that doesn’t care about my health. I get that I needed to be off for a while but this was so I wouldn’t have to deal with the issue later. I know that with working for others that a lot of the times they are concerned about their business first, this is a huge reason why I want to work for myself. I know that the steps are hard but I’d rather know that I can take care of myself than rely on someone else.

2021 I will be an entrepreneur. Doing what it takes to be able to take care of myself and not have to work for any more companies that don’t care about me.

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